Together with a team of five other curious SI students, we took a closer look at how students could be involved in the process of supporting faculty to create and disseminate course materials (like lecture recordings, syllabi, assignments, reading lists, etc) as Open CourseWare and Open Educational Resources. This led to the development of the University of Michigan Medical School and Hewlett Foundation sponsored initiative, Open.Michigan. 

Initiative website:

Content Management Software: OERca

Content Management Process: dScribe

Presentations on Slideshare


I had the honor and pleasure of putting a passion into practice as the lead salami maker at the Underground Food Collective. Together with a talented and dedicated team of folks, we put together Underground Meats.

The Cured Goods at Underground Meats   


I am happy to be able to say that I have had the chance to build a restaurant. Unfortunately, I'm also able to say that I watched it burn down. Regardless, one of the most interesting projects I've ever worked on: to build a space from scratch with a bare bones budget and have it turn into one of the region's best restaurants? Pretty awesome. 

Old Restaurant: Underground Kitchen

New Restaurant: Forequarter