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Back in the Saddle

For the past month, I've been in love with Austin. And, really, it has nothing to do with the city, but the fact that within fifteen minutes of my house, I can be clipped in and ready to ride some of the most rewarding single track mountain bike trails I've ever ridden. In late December, I brought my single speed 29er to Austin and since then, I've wasted no time trying to explore what this landscape has to offer.  

Now, growing up in Minnesota, we know a few things about single-track: tight corners, quick climbs, fast chutes, and a fair share of obstacles. Throughout college in Oregon, riding was a whole different beast: lots of speed down steep descents, grueling climbs up switchbacks where it's useful to have a set of gears. But many of Austin's trails seem to hit a sweet spot right between the two riding styles: tons of rock beneath the rubber, technical drops where the front suspension soaks up a good 5" of travel and just enough of the woody stretches of twisting single track to keep the heart pumping for a solid endurance ride.

In writing this, I feel like a total meat head. I also feel like I should be using words like gnarly and wicked. I guess I'm just excited to be back in the saddle and happy to see that I haven't grown too far out of my 18 year old self.  

the 29er 

the 29er